This is a site created and maintained by current students, alumni and others who wish to show their support for the following sentiment:


We, the undersigned, believe that the University’s decision not to renew Pier Marton’s contract is unjust and detrimental to the University’s mission of providing students with the highest quality instruction possible.

Pier Marton is a passionate, inspiring and tireless educator who counts many of Washington University’s most outstanding alumni as former students, and who has proven time and time again his commitment to students both in and outside of the classroom.

We strongly disagree with the present decision and urge that the Dean of Arts and Sciences and all of those responsible to please re-consider his case.  Please, do what’s right in serving current and future students at the university; recognize that the moderate under-enrollment of one class during one semester does NOT cancel out 13 years of truly exemplary teaching – keep Pier Marton at Washington University in St. Louis!


To join in showing your support, just follow these simple steps:

1) Print the “Keep Professor Pier Marton” flyer:

2) Take a picture of yourself with the flyer

3) Send that picture along with your Name/Affiliation – Occupation (i.e current student, alumnus, video artist)/Location and any additional Comment you might like to add


keeppiermarton AT gmail.com


Feel free to send any queries through the the above e-mail or simply use the following form


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