Elizabeth I. Robbins , Esq. / Attorney At Law / New York City / Wash U Alumna

Elizabeth I. Robbins, Esq., Attorney At Law, New York City, Wash U Alumna

“Pier Marton is one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of learning from.  I was so proud of what I accomplished in his class.
His class was one of my most memorable experiences at Wash U.”

-Elizabeth I. Robbins, Esq.


Takashi Horisaki / MFA05 / Artist NYC originally from Japan

Takashi Horisaki / MFA05 / Artist based in NYC originally from Japan

“In the occasion of 10th Anniversary of 9/11 memorial, I was commissioned to contribute my thoughts as an artist through
the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s InSite Project: http://insite.lmcc.net/ideas-home/?id=21  (http://insite.lmcc.net/)

At the Graduate Program, MFA in Sculpture, Marton was one of my committee members and provided
me with in-depth guidance and support. This helped me in bridging to my current professional practice in NYC.
I am really hoping that Pier will be able to stay there and nurture more and more young future artists in any profession.”

-Takashi Horisaki

Xopher Pollard / Alumnus, Sculpture + Film and Media studies, 2005 / Masters of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology / Chicago, IL

Xopher Pollard, Alumnus. Double major: Sculpture + Film & Media Studies, 2005. Chicago, Illinois - Masters of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology

“Pier is one of the only professors that really pushed me to my potential and actually helped me get there.  He cannot be let go!”

-Xopher Pollard